ATTBLIME AB2 Scanningspray

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Our price-performance winner with genuine cyclododecane


ATTBLIME AB2 is our price-performance winner with perfect application of around 3.6µm.


  • The original with cyclododecane
  • SHC-System (Spray-head-change-system)
  • Free of ethanol and adamantane
  • High performance 3D Scanningspray
  • Scan time between 1 hrs and 2 hrs
  • Residue-free sublimation after 2 hrs to 4 hrs
  • No cleaning of scanning object required
  • Made in Germany
  • Pay attention to the product and safety data sheets.

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Under the name ATTBLIME® AB2 a scanning spray was created, which enables the user to achieve an even and homogeneous spray pattern. The newly developed self-volatilizing (sublimating) 3D scanning spray AB2 is based on the proven raw material cyclododecane, which we have optimized even further.
The effective scan time (scan time) is 1 to 2 hours. The sublimation time, the time in which the spray dissolves, is around 2 to 4 hours. These times depend on the environmental conditions such as the component surface, room temperature, air circulation or even air humidity.
The scanning spray is free of ethanol and adamantane. AB2 adheres to all porous and non-porous surfaces such as textiles, wood, glass, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, stone, concrete and paper.
The spray cans are equipped with the unique SHC-system (spray-head-change-system), which allows the user to choose between vertical and horizontal, as well as wide and narrow exit angles, to optimize the spray layer and thus sublimation times. By having this unique SHC-system the spray layer is highly efficient by using the minimal amount of spray needed.
ATTBLIME AB2 is ideal for temporary matting of surfaces for optical 3D metrology without subsequent cleaning. Reference point marks can simply be stuck onto the treated surface.
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500 ml

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