ATTBLIME ABP-G (white) Scanningspray | reusable container 5,000 ml

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  • Application by airbrush: approx. 3,95µm
  • Application by ATTBLIME spray system 230V: approx. 8,07µm
  • Free of titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • High performance 3D Scanningspray
  • Made in Germany
  • Pay attention to the product and safety data sheets.

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Under the name ATTBLIME® ABP-G (white), a scanning spray has been created which enables the user to achieve a uniform and homogeneous spray pattern with coating thicknesses of 5.16 µm.

The semi-permanent 3D scanning spray ABP-G (white) has the classic pure white color.

As a container for use with all spray systems such as airbrush, paint guns or also with our mobile ATTBLIME spray system with 230V connection. A maximum nozzle size of 0.75mm is recommended.

The ATTBLIME ABP-G (white) scanning spray is free of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and ethanol. ABP adheres to all porous and non-porous surfaces such as textiles, wood, glass, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, stone, concrete and paper. It is very easy to remove after application.

With the scanning spray in reusable containers, there are no empty cans.


Tinplate can 5.000 ml

product and safety data sheets