Reference backdrop 350 – extension

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Our backdrops serve as reference point frames for 3D measurements and consequently form a stable point cloud. This minimizes the use of measuring points on the component to be scanned and thus increases the efficiency of the scanner. The reference gate can be individually adapted to the size of the component and to the available screw pattern (M6). Likewise, the splitter can be mounted on screw plates and rotary tables with M6 threaded bushings. In addition, the reference columns and connectors can be set up individually and then serve as small reference point carriers for individual setups. The extension includes a base plate for the individual creation of backdrops.

  • Base plate with sliding blocks for individual assembly
  • Anodized aluminum reference backdrop
  • Different heights of the reference columns
  • Screwable (M6) – fixed with knurled screws
  • Angled connectors – slotted holes for individual assembly
  • Mark carrier for coded marks (magnetic/adhesive marks)
  • Designed for components up to 350 mm in size
  • Ideal for measuring point sizes ≤ 6.00 mm
  • Complementary to Starter Kit 350
  • High quality case (stackable) with custom fit foam
  • Made in Germany

black anodized aluminum

Suitable targets

≤ 6 mm



Base plate dimensions

240 mm x 370 mm

Reference column length

150 mm, 300 mm, 75 mm

Reference column count


Wide connectors

353.5 mm

Quantity connectors


Brand carrier



Case with custom foam cut